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Monday, May 16, 2011

My Very First Moose Sighting!

Good morning! This past wknd I went on a "Spring Moose Tour" to Algonquin park with my mom. She's a nature photographer and thought this would be something fun to do together. I have never been to Algonquin nor I had I ever set eyes on a moose in the wild. So, this was a great opportunity for me! Unfortunately, it rained all day, but we had a great time and did manage a few shots. I was getting a little discouraged because we knew the moose were there, there had been sightings, but we still hadn't seen one by 3pm. So we went for a walk and then decided to back track one more time and guess what! I saw my very first moose!! As we were getting out of the van, he went into the forest, but I watched and it looked like he was going to come back out and sure enough, he did. He's running across the rd, so my picture is a little blurry, but I am super happy that I caught it and was able to see such an amazing (and huge!) animal!! I look fwd to doing this again next spring!


Karen Wilson said...


Neat! Hope you guys had a great time!

Love Aunt Linda

glassgraffitix2 said...

NEAT-O!!! I saw a moose once and it just happened to be in Canada! Wish I had a camera! It chased a man up on a picnic table. Funny for us, for him, not so much!

Kelli said...


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

wbat skinny legs he/she has! what a fabulous trip.

i love your signature here.

hugs, stef (Glitterbabe)

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