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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Sand Cherry Tree

Out and about in my front yard yesterday afternoon and starting snapping some pics of our sand cherry tree. I love this tree, so much so that we now have 4 in our front yard and 2 in the back. I just wish they shared these gorgeous smelling blooms all season!


Michele said...

Oh my... I want this TREE!! And can you tell my Hubby that I want a new camera for Mother's Day? :-) Is that asking for too much? BEAUTIFUL photos Karen!! I thought I was following this blog all along... I get I wasn't. Now I am!!

Karen Wilson said...

Beautiful. I am enjoying all the flowers and greenery I have come home to in just a week away. Wow. magical for sure.


Karen Wilson said...

Lovely to see these pics, as the skies here are grey and rain is just starting to fall. The tree is beautiful, and so are the pics. My fave is that last one...the diagonal angle of the branch in focus really appeals to me


Karen Wilson said...


(Aunt Linda)

glassgraffitix2 said...

We have nothing quite as gorgeous as this! We only have cactus but sometimes it can be kinda pretty.