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Friday, August 10, 2012

After The Rain

We have had hardly any rain all season and from yesterday into today, I think we made up for it. Today was incredible. The amount of rain that fell was unbelievable. When it ended, this is what the street looked like - the ditches so full they were up to the road on one side

This is a friend of ours down at the corner .. they are under water and it's flowing super fast through the culverts, but still dangerous when you have 3 children, 2 of which are quite young

Here's the culverts in their ditch - before I got my camera, the water was right up over the top of them

This is their yard, unbelievable. She's put a call into the town to see what can be done

front yard .. flooded

the culverts lead to the park, which normally is a small waterway - you can see what is normally a walking bridge, here it looks like a piece of wood or something!

One last shot - this is from the road and shows that both homes are flooded because the water just had nowhere to go

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Kimberly said...

wow... that was a storm!